Revolution in genome editing

Bayspair provides the most flexible genome editing solution in various fields such as agriculture, therapeutics and drug discovery. Our technology enables Scarless Editing which does not leave any trace of undesired byproducts. As a result, Bayspair overcame various restriction on genome editing.

What our technology enables

Things impossible by conventional CRIPSR/Cas9 and related technologies Learn more...

Agriculture - Seed and Trait

Laborious marker-assisted breeding process is no longer required. Bayspair's Scarless Editing technology can produce improved traits by directly modifying intended target genes. There is no need to cross an elite line to obtain a final product with desired trait combinations.

Therapeutics - Engineered cells

Bayspair is highly experienced in genome editing of human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells, which are considered as potential resource of cells for regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Drug discovery - Smart drug screening

Fully designed cells are powerful screening tool for drug discovery.